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Don is an ISSA Certified Elite Trainer and lifetime natural Men’s Physique champion, who has competed in six shows since 2014.

He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Human Resources and Marketing.

Prior to launching DIYBODY., Don worked as a Human Resources Specialist for four years. This work experience in combination with his passion for bodybuilding has enabled him to successfully coach hundreds of individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals.


  • 1st Place Men's Physique - 2014 Western Canadians
  • 5th Place Men's Physique - 2015 BC Provincials
  • 2nd Place Men's Physique - 2017 Kelowna Classic
  • 1st Place Men's Physique - 2018 Summer Shredding Classic
  • 1st Place + Overall Men's Physique - 2019 Natural BC Cup
  • 4th Place Men's Physique - 2019 Natural Canada Pro Qualifier


TV Shows: Friends, Breaking Bad, Ozark, The OC

Music: Drake, Dan & Shay, Post Malone, Kygo, Eminem, Backstreet Boys, 80s Hits

Hobbies: Self development, business coaching, bodybuilding, travelling the world, spending time with my dogs


Clara is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Certified in Pre + Postnatal, lifetime natural athlete and Bikini champion, who has competed in two shows since 2016.

Her passion is helping others gain the tools, knowledge, education, and confidence to create a sustainable health and fitness routine!

She wants to prevent others from being led down the wrong path when becoming more serious about health and fitness.

Clara is also a new mom to a beautiful baby girl!


  • 1st Place Bikini - 2016 Knight of Champions
  • 2nd Place Bikini - 2017 Vancouver Pro / Am


Movies: Coach Carter, The Longest Yard, Moneyball, Forrest Gump, Talle, Rocky, The Dark Knight, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids,

Music: Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Doja Cat, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, J.Cole, Kanye West,

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, growing my garage gym, training, hiking with my dog, drinking Starbucks, online shopping, healthy baking, helping people become their best selves


Brandon is a highly Certified Personal Trainer and Men’s Physique champion, who has competed in two shows since 2017.

His mission is to help as many people reach their fitness goals as possible and to showcase how living a healthy lifestyle really isn’t as hard as it seems. Once people realize that they are in full control of their own health it becomes a lot simpler to manage.

Brandon has aspirations to become a Men's Physique IFBB Pro in the near future.


  • 1st Place Men’s Physique – 2017 Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic (LBMC)
  • 1st Place + Overall Men’s Physique – 2020 Open Vancity Showdown


  • Sports Performance Diploma
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Certified
  • TRX Suspension Certified
  • Trigger Point Certified
  • Bulgarian Bag Certified


Movies: All movies in the MCU, Inception, All Will Smith movies

Music: Drake, Kanye, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Pop Smoke


Carly is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has competed in two shows since 2018.

She has a passion for people that has propelled her through her career. Carly has an impressive weight-loss transformation of her own which gives her a unique perspective with her clients.

She has been involved in bodybuilding for several years and gains an immense amount of fulfillment in helping others to navigate their fitness journey, reach their goals, and sustain a healthy lifestyle!


  • 3rd Place Bikini – 2018 Vancity Showdown
  • 1st Place Bikini – 2019 Vancity Showdown


Music: Bruno Mars, The Beibs, Shania Twain

TV Shows: Friends, Grey's Anatomy, Workin Moms, Anything Disney

Hobbies: I love cuddling my dogs and cat and adventuring with my fiancé! You can find me at the gym or at Home Sense buying endless decorative pumpkins because I love fall!


Greg is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, NCI Level 1 Nutrition and Men's Physique Athlete.

He's been involved with sports all his life and began his fitness journey at age 15 when he wanted to get bigger and stronger for athletic performance.

This passion ultimately led him to pursue fitness as a career and he's now on a mission to help others discover how beneficial exercise is for your overall health.


  • 5th Place Men’s Physique – 2019 Summer Shredding Classic


Movie: Lucky Number Slevin

Music: Kayzo, Slander

Hobbies: Gaming, men’s fashion and style


Kaycee is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and placed 2nd in her first show in 2020. She will be competing the National level for her natural pro card in 2021.

Having quite the story herself, Kaycee is extremely passionate in her work with helping others achieve their goals. She is a firm believer in hard work and perseverance and strives to help others achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Kaycee finds great fulfillment helping others transform into the very best version of themselves.


  • 2nd Place Bikini – 2020 Vancity Showdown


Music: All genres, specifically EDM, rap, country

Shows: Yellowstone, Animal Kingdom, Sons of Anarchy, Grey's Anatomy

Hobbies: Bodybuilding, plants, walking my dogs, shopping, guitar/singing, interior decorating


Emily is a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionalist, lifetime natural Bikini athlete, and mother of two with a passion for personal and family wellness.

Emily competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2014, then completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Spain. After having her two children, she became a CPT, Certified Nutritionist, and competed in two more bodybuilding shows in 2021.


TV Shows: Friends, Bridgerton, Criminal Minds

Music: Eric Church, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Ray

Hobbies: Mindset Work and Self Development. cooking, baking, recipe hacking, camping, water sports, bodybuilding, snowboarding, backyard chickens, and gardening.


Anna is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular Molecular Microbiology.

Prior to coaching with DIYBODY, she previously worked as a wildfire fighter.

Anna has a rare autoimmune disease known as ulcerative colitis. She is familiar with the discomfort and food limitations surrounding IBS/IBD, and has not let this disease dictate her health and wellness goals over the years following a diagnosis at a young age.


TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things

Music: Drake, Travis Scott, Doja Cat, EDM

Hobbies: Gym fashion, dog walks and reading crime thrillers


We encourage clients to contact us with questions or if they need help on any of our coaching services. It’s what you pay for as a client, so take advantage of it and ask us questions if you are unsure of anything! If your schedule changes, let us know so we can alter your program to give you the best results! Please note this is only for clients that purchase our coaching services.

Absolutely. We work with clients from all walks of life, and every single one of their schedules are different. We will work with you to plan the program around your schedule, to give you the best results.

A digital food scale. Nothing fancy; just a scale that weighs food to the nearest gram.

A bodyweight scale. Again, nothing fancy, just a digital scale that will let you weight yourself so that you can tell us what you weigh and we can make adjustments to your program when needed.

Access to training equipment. We highly recommend you train at a commercial gym, as the equipment there will allow you to get your best results in fat loss and muscle retention or gain.

Many variables impact your morning weigh-in: the previous day’s food, fluid, sodium intake, stress levels, sleep schedule, and for ladies, menstrual cycle. Keep in mind that the numbers on the scale are only one piece of the progress puzzle. Do NOT get hung up on the results of one weigh-in, as it is common to fluctuate a few pounds on any given day. This is why require tracking your morning weight multiple days per week.

What’s more important, at least in regards to the scale, is to see a trend over time that corresponds with your fat loss or muscle gain goal. Additionally, energy levels, gym performance, body composition, confidence, a better understanding of nutrition, and a general sense of wellbeing are major progress gauges too!

Research shows that weighing in multiple days per week (rather than 1, or even less frequently) is best for weight loss. One weigh-in provides less information because a single weight is influenced by so many (aforementioned) variables. Multiple weights are needed to establish a trend over time. This is essential for identifying adjustments that may need to be made to your plan to optimize your progress as you move from one week of your diet to the next.

Nope, we encourage our clients to eat a variety of foods both for health purposes and to prevent the diet from becoming stale. We have actively searched for as many acceptable alternatives as we could come up with, to help give our clients the best chance of being successful. Of course, if eating similar foods helps you stick to your diet, there is no harm in this either. If you have a food preference not listed that you really want to eat, ask in the FB group and you can get tons of useful tips, tricks, etc.

Most clients are surprised at the total volume of food that they can eat while losing weight. Sure, you may be full at some points and hungry at others, but it is totally dependent on your goals as a client. If you’re gaining muscle, expect to be full. If you’re losing fat, expect to be hungry… that way, the surprises are only pleasant.

During a fat loss or muscle gain phase, better adherence to the diet will yield better results, but we encourage more a balanced approach and less strictness during weight maintenance phases. When not trying to change your body composition it is healthy to enjoy food and be less focused on measuring and counting.

At DIYBODY. we hope to encourage our followers to develop a healthy relationship with food that allows them to be strict when needed in order to attain a goal, but be comfortable enough to relax and enjoy food and life after that goal is achieved. We believe our programs encourage the development of this ability to balance goals and life.

On fat loss or muscle gain phases, although the clients who adhere to the temporary diet phases as close to 100% as possible do have the most striking results, this is not for everyone. Great results can still be obtained on these goal oriented phases with less perfect adherence and we encourage people to examine trade offs and make the decisions that are most comfortable for them.

Absolutely! We provide a list of recommended foods and we let the clients pick their favourites from this list! During a fat loss diet we recommend staying away from tastier, less filling, nutrient dense foods. These foods leave you hungrier and can increase cravings when on a fat loss diet. There are no “bad” foods, just foods that might be best avoided on a fat loss diet and foods that are better eaten in moderation for health.

While hunger is inevitable when dieting, there are several strategies you can use to help reduce hunger:

Hydrate: Fluids will fill your stomach, which expands it. This causes a signal to be sent to the brain that you’re not as hungry. Try drinking 350 – 500 ml of water before meals to help curb your appetite.

Choose More Filling Options: If you choose fruits and high-volume veggies for your carbs, they will fill you up more than if you choose very energy-dense options, such as white rice.

Eat Slowly: It takes roughly 20 minutes for your body to send signals to your brain that you’re full. By slowing down, you allow ample time for this to occur, while simultaneously eating less. By the end of the meal, you will have eaten less, yet feel fuller than usual – an especially great feeling when dieting! To help yourself slow down:

Cut food into tiny, bite size pieces

Do 15 – 20 chews per bite

Put down your eating utensil in between bites

We recommend that, especially on a fat loss diet, you eliminate snacking as much as possible. Long-term research on diet adherence and success shows that people who snack less tend to get better results. If you’re on a muscle building diet, a bit of snacking isn’t terrible, as long as you’re not eating too much junk and sticking mostly to the planned meals.

It’s not uncommon to feel hungry and tired the first week. The reason: You may not be used to eating every 3 – 4 hours, and instead have either gone long periods of time without eating, grazed throughout the day, or a combination of both. Your body needs time to adapt, but it will definitely adapt, usually within a few days or weeks at most. Stay patient and stay the course.

To maximize progress, it’s recommended that you don’t drink while dieting. If you do decide to drink, do not exceed 1 – 2 drinks per week.

Increases Calories: Drinking alcohol contributes to your daily calorie intake. Plus, you’re more likely to indulge in high-calorie, high-fat foods, which further drives you into a calorie surplus.

1 typical beer (12 ounces), 1 typical shot (1 ounce), and 1 typical glass of wine (5 ounces) each contain well over 100 calories. Note that this doesn’t include mixers used.

Stops Fat Loss: When you consume alcohol, your body dedicates time and energy to expelling it, and literally pauses fat loss while it does so (by decreasing fat utilization, and increasing fat storage). Clearly not the best recipe for fat loss.

Decreases Muscle Building: Alcohol directly limits protein synthesis, otherwise known as the building of new proteins for muscle tissue.

Impairs Sleep Quality: Alcohol impairs sleep quality by increasing time spent in “light” sleep (from which we’re more likely to wake up) and decreasing time spent in “deep” sleep. Deep sleep promotes recovery much more profoundly than light sleep and missing out on it is costly.

Decreased Growth Hormone Production: Alcohol minimizes production of growth hormone, which is released during sleep and plays a crucial role in muscle building and recovery. So, the more you drink, the more growth hormone is suppressed.

You can absolutely still work toward your goals while traveling. Do your best to utilize the hotel fridge/microwave (call ahead to inquire if present) as well as the continental breakfast to grab specific items such as fruit, oats, bagels, and peanut butter, if offered.

Convenient travel snacks include: whey protein, protein bars, rice cakes, turkey jerky, lean deli meat, low-fat greek yogurt, oats, fruit, etc.

Failing to send in your weekly check-in (without a legitimate reason), will result in a warning. If you receive three warnings over an 8-week period, your program will be terminated.

We’re not in business to fool around and take our job seriously. We expect the best and hold our clients to the highest possible standards.

Once you’ve made the commitment to work with us, we’re going to do everything in our power to ensure you’re successful in reaching your goals.

There are no refunds or exchanges on our products or services. All sales are final. No exceptions.

About Us

DIYBODY was founded in 2017 with a mission to educate YOU with the most effective and sustainable methods using science-based research that will SAVE YOU YEARS of trial and error.

These days, we're being told so many things that contradict each other. It's easy to confused yourself with figuring out what to eat and how to exercise effectively. Additionally, most people make the mistake of trying to do TOO much. Overtraining, restricting calories, eliminating carbs, doing hours of cardio and dreading every second of it...

Building an amazing body and staying in shape SHOULD NOT feel miserable.

If you're feeling stuck, we're confident that we can help YOU achieve your dream body in an enjoyable and practical way. Not only will you look amazing, but YOU will gain the tools and knowledge for life!

Once YOU learn to do it right, the journey will be absolutely rewarding.

Yours Truly,

Don Lam | CEO

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