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2500+ Transformations since 2017. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve life changing results.

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You're not just getting a single coach — you're unlocking an entire team of specialized experts. From strength training & contest prep to injury rehab & pre/post-natal fitness, our diverse team has you covered.

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All of our programs are designed based on evidence-based research and scientific principles. No industry fads or gimmicks.

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When you join DIYBODY, you're becoming part of a movement. Our member-only community is there to offer you all the motivation and support you'll ever need.

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No cookie-cutter approaches here. Your fitness journey should be as unique as you are. That's why we customize your program to align perfectly with your specific goals, schedule, lifestyle, preferences.

100% Goal Achievement

Why risk your hard-earned time and money on unproven methods? Our client transformations are your assurance that we deliver on our promises.


No matter your fitness goal, we’ve got you covered. With our diverse range of services, including weight loss, muscle building, fat burning, pre & postnatal care, and contest prep, we’re here to guide you every step of the way to achieving your goals.


Transform your physique and elevate your mindset with our Lifestyle Transformation service. Crafted for individuals who want to achieve jaw-dropping results that will have your friends and family in awe.

Contest Prep

Don’t just step on stage, dominate your competition! Our Contest Prep service is crafted for competitors who want to showcase their absolute best package.


“My body has changed so much already in the past 16 weeks, I am stronger and leaner while eating more than I have consistently in years! Extending my 16 week program into a full year was a no brainer, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me.”

Melissa Fuller

“My experience has been amazing! This program has literally changed my life for the better. The coaches are the best and have great information and tips to help you succeed with the program and even after you are done, as well.”

Joe Magliocchi

“These past 16 weeks were the most transformative weeks of my life. I learned how to actually fuel my body and have sustainable fat loss by changing my lifestyle and habits completely.”

Bella Garsha


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Brittany Cramer
Brittany Cramer
I can’t recommend DIYBODY enough. I’ve been active my whole life but not in any organized way and I’d done all the popular dieting options like Weight Watchers, intermittent fasting, counting calories but nothing felt sustainable and I always felt like I was left at a smaller size but with the same amount of fat. I was at a point where I wasn’t too interested in the number on the scale but more in my strength and longevity. After 16 weeks with Nolee I was the strongest I’ve ever been, feeling great with lots of energy and as a benefit had lost about 17lbs. I decided to extend my program another 16 weeks to learn about reverse dieting and get my metabolism used to eating at a maintenance level. I’ve learned so much about health but also specifically what works for me and how to maintain during holidays, travel and illness. This program will stay with me for the rest of my life and I would absolutely do it again!
Evelyn Rawlick
Evelyn Rawlick
Signing up for DIYbody and working with Nolee was easily the best decision I’ve made for my health and fitness. I started with the 16 week nutrition program and continued on for another 16 weeks together. During my time with Nolee, I learned how to fuel my body with proper nutrition, learned what my daily cardio and step count should look like, and built so many daily habits that have completely transformed how I show up for myself. Nolee also supported and guided me through the process of getting my hormones tested, which was so valuable to me at this phase in my life. What DIYbody creates is a safe space to have those conversations of what health means for you, and I would absolutely recommend this program and Nolee’s coaching to anyone.
emily sumner
emily sumner
I signed up for a 16 week transformation with DIYBody in October '23. Before starting with DIYBody, my primary form of exercise was spin classes multiple times a week for roughly 8 years. I lifted weights on and off, but never had a solid program. I came in wanting to focus on lifting and building strength while shedding a little bit of extra weight that had crept on in my early 40s. Carly was my coach and was great to work with! She customized a training program that was easy to follow and for the first time, light on cardio. My struggle has always been wanting to reach a specific goal weight. For example, during my years of spin, I would wake up, drink a couple of sips of water, go to spin, sweat a ton, and then finally weight myself when I returned home. I was happy that she genuinely understood this mindset and how hard it is to overcome. She helped me realize that your body can transform without the number on the scale changing much. All in all, I lost roughly 5 pounds, but the difference in my body shape and tone was significant. I also walked away with a confidence that I haven't had in the past after finally feeling like my only option was hours and hours of cardio. I highly recommend DIYBODY and Carly to anyone who is hoping to not only change their body, but their mindset and also leave with a new-found confidence.
Melissa Fuller
Melissa Fuller
Where do I even begin!!! This program has completely changed my life, I’m almost tearing up writing this post because it makes me so emotional. I started working with Clara back in Oct/23 after years of extreme dieting and cycles of overeating. My self-confidence was at an all time low, and for years I had been trying to get to a place where I felt good about myself. I put my full trust in Clara, and she has been so patient and understanding with me. She has supported me in every way possible, physically, mentally and emotionally and my entire relationship with food has changed. Thinking of food as fuel, rather than the enemy has been a complete game changer, and I am feeling energized and SO much stronger as each day goes by. My body has changed so much already in the past 16 weeks, I am stronger and leaner while eating more than I have consistently in years! Extending my 16 week program into a full year was a no brainer, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me. Clara you have actually changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough! Let’s do this!! 💪🏻
Corinne Perez-Abergel
Corinne Perez-Abergel
DIY Body changed my life and I am not just being dramatic! I had gained 30 pounds over the course of three years since COVID and I just couldn't get back on track no matter what I tried. Clara helped me so much, I owe her everything. She taught me how to eat properly, track macros, look for wins beyond the scale and get stronger in the gym. In 16 weeks, I lost 10 pounds, inches and my body composition changed so much and it's only the beginning. Clara is the most supportive, patient and wonderful coach. She understands different levels of fitness and different lifestyles and really customizes the plan for you. I feel really grateful I got paired with her. It's not just a program, it's a lifestyle and one that I will continue now on my own!
Michelle Simenson
Michelle Simenson
I would highly recommend DIYBODY to anyone who is actually serious about changing their body composition and incorporating healthy habits into their lifestyle. I thought I knew what I was doing fitness-wise and just wanted help with nutrition. Luckily I signed up for both fitness & nutrition coaching and after working with Coach Clara for 16 weeks, I have changed my body composition. I’ve reduced body fat, built muscle and dropped a pant size! I just finished my program in December and plan to do another 16 weeks with Coach Clara in the spring to level up!
Callan Yost
Callan Yost
I just finished 16weeks with Coach Anna! Liked her so much I signed on for another 8 months! I’ve been training for a while now and wanted that extra step! She surpassed my expectations with coaching; she has such a positive outlook on food; dieting can be easy and fun, Anna is educational; she is always within reach for any questions/ concerns and was of course number 1 hype girl. Very excited to continue working with Anna!!
Trisha Stovel
Trisha Stovel
An incredible 16 week program with DIY Body and Anna Morrish coaching me. My very first time doing progress photos ever, and I’m so happy to see and feel those changes. Something I haven’t seen in a very long time, and I’m very proud! The combination of coaching check ins with Anna, meal prepping and planning, hugely increased steps in my 9-5 computer job, and weight training focused workouts, I’ve really seen true progress that will stick and keep improving because this isn’t just a quick diet plan or Facebook workout challenge, it’s the real deal with changing habits and seeing actual improvements that I haven’t for years. Anna customizes the meal planning and workouts very well and is open to making adjustments after checkins and private messaging chats. I’ll continue with my home workouts as I’ve built up such a good routine and awesome equipment I’ve purchased. I learned more than ever before when it came to meal planning and macros. This is something I will be doing and mindful of for years to come. At a recent gym class, I hung high up on a bar and did knee raises and this felt great. Months ago, I was uncomfortable just hanging from the bar without even doing any movements. Just hanging ached. I feel like I’ll continue to reach more goals with my strength in that way as well as continued fat loss. I’m grateful to Anna and the DIY Program for working with me to building a routine of working out and eating well since I love being outdoors and doing many active things that I’ve struggled with because of weight and inactivity. I highly recommend coach Anna and DIY Body to everyone. People in my life are noticing and I’ve been sharing my experiences with them!
Sandra Urquhart
Sandra Urquhart
I just completed 16 weeks on the program working with Clara. I didn’t know what to expect when I started but after a couple of weeks I knew I wanted to extend to a year. I loved the structure, flexibility and accountability this program provided for me. I have lost over 20lbs. This program is achievable for anyone if you trust the process. On this program you learn to eat well balanced meals that fuel your body. I had several trips planned before even starting it and Clara assured me we will work through them and we did. Clara is always there to answer any questions and provide support every step of the way. I’m so glad I started when I did and look forward to continuing to work with Clara on my health and fitness journey. Thank you Clara for helping me get where I am today. 🥰


Yes, we cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences, including vegan and plant-based diets. Our program has successfully supported hundreds of clients with these dietary choices. We are equipped to work with any dietary restrictions to ensure that your nutrition aligns with your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Absolutely! Our client base spans across 22 different countries around the world, including the USA, Australia, UK, France, and Italy, to name a few. While we are based in Canada, the majority of our clients are from the USA. Our online coaching platform allows us to provide our services globally, ensuring you can access our programs no matter where you are located.

Yes, our training programs are designed to cater to individuals at all fitness levels, including beginners. We understand that starting a new fitness journey can be daunting, which is why we emphasize personalized programming. Upon joining, we assess your current fitness level, goals, and preferences to create a program that is not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable for you. Our goal is to make fitness accessible and rewarding for everyone, regardless of their starting point.

The equipment you’ll need for your online training program largely depends on your personalized plan and fitness goals. We design our programs to be flexible, accommodating those who have full gym access as well as those with limited or no equipment at home. We can tailor your workouts to utilize bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, or any equipment you have available, ensuring you can achieve effective results no matter your situation.

Online coaching offers several advantages over traditional in-person training. First and foremost, it provides around-the-clock support in training, nutrition, and mindset. This 24/7 access ensures you always have guidance at your fingertips, significantly increasing your chances of achieving your fitness goals. In contrast, in-person sessions are confined to the one-hour timeframe of the session, which can quickly become very expensive the more you attend. Additionally, these sessions don’t include nutrition and mindset coaching.

While in-person trainers are great at pushing you through a workout, they often don’t avoid teaching you how to train on your own because they rely on you to purchase more sessions. This is where our program really shines because we give you all the tools and knowledge to become self-sufficient. We will teach you everything we know! Lastly, scheduling workouts around an in-person trainer’s availability is inconvenient. With online coaching, your program is always within reach and can be done anytime, anywhere.

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