Certified Personal Trainer


My passion for health and fitness started well before I began tracking calories or identified as a bodybuilder. I’ve been active in the gym since I was 11, playing provincial high-level hockey and rugby, supported by excellent trainers and coaches who encouraged me to be my strongest self from an early age. Post-high school and university, without organized sports, I felt somewhat lost and turned to my local gym to stay active. Around this time, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness, which heightened my awareness and appreciation for my health. Feeling uncertain in the gym and recognizing my physical limitations, I decided to join DIYBODY as an athlete. There, I found the structured routine and personalized coaching that reminded me of organized sports. This environment enabled me to transform my physique and enhance all aspects of my life. It boosted my confidence and inspired me to start a social media presence to document my progress, discovering my strength both in the gym and within myself. Later that year, motivated by my own journey, I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach to share my passion and inspire others.

Since becoming a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I have competed twice at the national level as a natural athlete, achieving top 5 placements in my classes. Additionally, in 2023, I won overall titles at the regional level in both the Wellness and Figure divisions. The gym is more than a hobby for me; it’s a lifestyle. I enjoy training with intensity as I continue to pursue my bodybuilding aspirations and expand my coaching expertise.

Coaching Philosophy:

Online fitness coaching is unique because it offers constant access to a coach who is dedicated to seeing you succeed. My coaching philosophy centers around educating and empowering individuals in a manner that is straightforward and honest. My role isn’t to complicate your fitness journey or cause confusion. Instead, I aim to help you understand the process in a way that aligns with your personal learning style. This includes challenging you and experimenting with new techniques and ideas to move beyond past struggles with diet culture or exercise fads. To be an effective coach, I practice what I preach to my clients and maintain a high standard of health and fitness. My strong understanding of consistency and discipline enables me to confidently teach others.

Who I Work Best With:

My ideal client is someone who is ready to embrace challenges. This individual is not seeking an easy path to their dream physique but is instead looking for a higher level of discipline. They find value in stepping out of their comfort zone and are prepared to commit fully to their goals. Under my guidance, both new competitors and seasoned athletes aspiring for success on the bodybuilding stage can expect to thrive. Whether they are into bodybuilding or not, my ideal client identifies as an athlete and is committed to acting as one.

Fitness Achievements:

2022 Natural BC Cup – 1st Place Open Figure
2023 Vancouver Open – 2nd Place Open Figure & 2nd Place Open Wellness
2023 Vancouver Natural – 1st Place & Overall Open Figure, 1st Place & Overall Open Wellness
2023 Natural Canada Pro Qualifier – 2nd Place Open Figure & 5th Place Open Wellness

Favourite Quote: 

“Cutting corners gets you where you’re going, but how you get there is the real test”. 

Interests and Hobbies: 

When I’m not in the gym, I love going for dog walks, attending EDM music festivals, and painting. In 2020, I was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis (IBD), which has made it crucial for me to keep stress levels low and maintain a strong self-care routine. Staying on top of my health and well-being is a high priority for me. Additionally, I enjoy immersing myself in fantasy novels and dedicating time to studying the sport of bodybuilding.

Favourite Music Artists, TV Shows, Movies: 

The Sinner
Criminal Minds
Game of Thrones
Star Wars V
Thor Ragnarok
How to Train Your Dragon

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