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Growing up, I was never big into team sports. I stayed active because I grew up in a healthy household, but after graduating, starting university, and beginning to navigate the world on my own, I realized how little I knew about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In my early 20s, I struggled through a toxic relationship that left me financially, emotionally, and physically at my absolute worst. I had gained 70 lbs, was in debt, and on the verge of dropping out of university. The girl I saw in the mirror was unrecognizable, but instead of hitting rock bottom, I fought back. In the following years, I applied the little knowledge I had about fitness and was able to lose weight, get out of debt, and graduate with my degree, making it onto the dean’s list. I knew I was capable of more, and with each accomplishment, I realized my potential.

I had always struggled with a closed mindset around fitness, never having been considered fit or athletic. I didn’t enjoy team sports, running, or high-intensity exercises. These activities seemed to define fitness and health, and not enjoying them made me feel excluded. However, everything changed when my dad introduced me to weight training at the gym. I fell in love with the feeling of being STRONG and finally felt like I belonged. Since then, I have maintained my initial weight loss, competed in two bodybuilding competitions, received both my personal training and nutrition certifications, and am currently working towards my pre and postnatal training certificates.

I’ve come a long way in my fitness journey over the last few years, transitioning from a weight loss transformation to a bikini bodybuilder, then to a fitness model and coach, and now to being a MOM! I had my son in 2022, and my second baby will arrive in 2024. This season of life has truly tested my dedication and resiliency. I cherished the years spent training for competitions and photoshoots, but my daily routine is vastly different now. I make time to train, staying strong and mobile for my kids and family. I fuel my body to perform and feel my best at all hours, day and night, setting a healthy example for my children. Each season of life brings its own challenges and opportunities for growth and learning, and that’s why establishing and maintaining a healthy regime in your lifestyle is so important. Things won’t always stay the same, and learning to adapt is a vital skill.

Coaching Philosophy:

Fitness can seem so complicated, and I love to UN-complicate that for my clients. In reality, the recipe for success in your goals is quite simple; the path there just gets littered with the noise of misinformation, other people’s opinions, and our own unrealistic expectations and doubts. Healthy habits and knowledge are the key to a sustainable lifestyle. This program will require you to talk the talk AND walk the walk. I coach to empower, and my goal is for my clients to complete their programs with a transformed lifestyle and mindset. I coach to challenge you, to grow both your mindset AND your muscles! I see your health and wellness as your insurance policy. Your body and how you treat it is your first defence against aging, disease, and injury. Set yourself up for success, and you will feel and look your best for years to come.

Who I Work Best With:

I’m so incredibly passionate about helping women find their confidence, strength, and ditch the ‘skinny is better’ mindset. I’ve BEEN there, when you look in the mirror and realize that you are not currently who you want to be, and you know that there is a version of yourself waiting on the other side. It brings me so much joy to provide women with the guidance and tools to achieve their healthiest and most confident selves. I have been the girl who needed to lose weight, the one who has pushed her body and walked off the stage with her medal, the girl who did it just for the event and the photoshoot, and the girl who’s doing it for her family and longevity. I’ve BEEN through it all, and nothing brings me more joy in this career than helping women navigate their own comeback and achievement stories. Never thought fitness was for you? Let me show you what you can do.

Fitness Achievements:

I am a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist, and I’m currently completing my pre & postnatal training certificates. I am also a retired nationally qualified bikini competitor who placed 1st in my class in my last competition. Additionally, I have successfully maintained my 70 lbs. weight loss for 7 years!

2018 Natural VanCity Showdown – 2nd Place Open Bikini
2019 Natural VanCity Showdown – 1st Place Open Bikini

Favourite Quote:

“Never be afraid to achieve a goal because of the time it will take to accomplish it, the time will pass anyways.”

Interests and Hobbies:

I am a fashion girly and I love shopping and keeping up with new trends (I’m not a regular mom, I’m a COOL mom!). I enjoy helping my friends find outfits for events. I’m also a BIG fan of seasonal decor! Fall and Christmas are my favourite seasons to decorate for, and I own an embarrassing amount of decorative pumpkins and gnomes. I’m definitely a homebody and love making my space cozy. I also love social media, as I’ve found it to be such a diverse place to find connection, relatability, community, and share a creative side of myself. Every report card I received growing up said, ‘Carly needs to spend more time worrying about her homework than she does talking to her friends.’ If only my teachers could see me now, doing exactly that as part of my career – HAH! I have two Labrador retrievers who keep me busy. I love taking them for swims and walks, and it’s been especially fun since my firstborn learned to walk this last year and enjoys chasing them around!

Favourite Music Artists, TV Shows, Movies: 

My favourite movie is Zoolander and I probably quote that more than anything else. I’m a lover of all music, but Shania Twain and Ke$ha will always be my queens.
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