Certified Personal Trainer & Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist


I grew up very active, playing many different solo and team sports! Moving my body has always been a big part of my life, and I’m grateful my parents instilled this in me at a young age. After high school graduation and starting university, I noticed a decline in my mental health as I stopped playing these sports. This led me to step into the gym for the first time and start strength training. I immediately loved how I felt lifting weights and getting stronger! Intrigued by training, nutrition, and living a fit, strong lifestyle, I decided after 4 years of self-training to compete in a bodybuilding show and hired my first coach. This experience was transformative, and I knew I wanted to pursue personal training and coaching to help others become the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally. I have always focused on helping people build balanced, sustainable health and fitness routines without extremes or deprivation.

I have competed twice as a bikini athlete in bodybuilding shows in 2016 and 2017, and in 2020, I welcomed my first baby girl. In 2022, my second baby girl was born. Despite the challenges of competition prep, post-show, pregnancy, and postpartum, I have continued to move my body at all stages. Now, in a busy season of life working full time and raising two toddlers, I still prioritize daily self-care. I believe caring for yourself allows you to be your best for everyone around you. I recently started powerlifting and am enjoying having strength as a primary goal in my fitness journey! Every day, I take steps to ensure I am my healthiest and best self, and I aim to lead by example for my daughters and clients.

Coaching Philosophy

Before becoming a coach, I followed a strict, extreme diet and over-exercised, which impacted my mental and physical health. I vowed to help women avoid these extremes to become their healthiest selves. I coach my clients to form and build healthy, sustainable habits, see great progress and results, and continue progressing for life. I teach them to navigate all seasons, holidays, vacations, and life events while maintaining consistency in their journeys. Prioritizing mental health and mindset, I treat every client as an individual, custom-tailoring programs and making adjustments as needed.

Who I Work Best With:

I work with a wide array of clients from various backgrounds and with many different goals. Ultimately, I love working with clients who are eager and ready to make positive changes in their lives. I specialize in women’s health and am certified in pre and postpartum fitness. I typically coach women, with most of my clients seeking to break free from negative, restrictive, fad diets to form a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies. Whether they are newly postpartum, raising children, or busy working women, I help all my clients find confidence and realize they don’t need to suffer to look and feel their best. I aim to show how empowering it can be to become the strongest version of oneself. I have shifted from focusing on becoming smaller and weighing less to prioritizing strength, fueling my body, and maintaining mental and physical health, and I thrive in helping my clients do the same.

Fitness Achievements:

I am a certified personal trainer, sports nutrition coach, and certified in pre and postpartum fitness. With 6 years of coaching experience, including both in-person and online, I’ve learned and experienced a great deal. I was a competitive athlete in high school with many athletic awards. I have competed twice in the bikini category of bodybuilding shows, placing first at the regional level and second at the national level. I became a sponsored athlete for Magnum Nutraceuticals in 2017 and have traveled to various expos, participating in fitness photo shoots and being featured on product boxes and posters. Throughout my pregnancies, I maintained consistent strength training and a healthy body composition.

2016 Knight of Champions – 1st Place Open Bikini
2017 BC Provincials – 2nd Place Open Bikini

Favourite Quote:

“With the right mindset, we can’t lose. We either practice what we’ve learned or learn what we need to practice.”

Interests and Hobbies:

I am a skincare enthusiast, love shopping for activewear, and enjoy spending time at local parks with my girls. We spend much time outdoors, and I find connecting with nature grounding. I play recreational volleyball, love to ski, and admittedly have an unhealthy addiction to my daily Starbucks. I enjoy creating fun, healthy meals for myself and my family. Social media has been a significant part of my life, allowing me to connect with others, share my passions, and hopefully inspire someone to start their health and fitness journey.

Favourite Music Artists, TV Shows, Movies:

Coach Carter
Grey’s Anatomy
Chicago Med, Fire, PD
Morgan Wallen
Maroon 5
Jack Harlow

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