Certified Personal Trainer


I have had many pivotal moments that have shifted my perspective and shaped my journey. One of the most impactful seasons of my health and fitness journey has been motherhood. I used to feel so stuck trying to find balance. I felt guilt prioritizing my own needs. Through health and fitness, I learned I need to care for myself to care for those around me.

My personal goals are always driven by what I need to grow and feel challenged. My training is a hybrid of powerlifting, running, yoga, and mobility work. I am currently training to run my first half marathon while also progressing my powerlifting.

Coaching Philosophy:

Sustainability is found when we find a balance of ease and discomfort. Growth will always take us outside our comfort zone, and that is ok. That is where we build the resilience we need to thrive. Your health and fitness journey is an investment in yourself and the life you want to live. My focus with my clients for a customized approach to their strength training is for them to become confident in how to strength train effectively to achieve their physical goals and also support their functional strength for what will serve them in a lifelong capacity. Nutrition and building a healthy relationship with food is something I am deeply passionate about. I love cooking and demonstrating we can have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with our food without restriction in a way that still aligns with our goals.

Who I Work Best With:

I love working with anyone ready to take a growth journey and become the version of themselves they feel they were meant to be. Everyone’s journey may look different, and goals will vary. Our goals will also be reflective of what season of our lives we are in. I will hold space for whatever season of your goals you may find yourself in and help you navigate. Finding balance in motherhood is something I am also very passionate about. This is an essential phase we need to build adaptability in to support our success.

Fitness Achievements:

I have competed in 6 bodybuilding shows as a bikini competitor. I did my yoga teacher training in Spain in 2014 and continue to teach abroad. I have a podcast called “Align & Thrive” where I release new episodes weekly.
2013 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic – Open Bikini
2021 VanCity Natural Showdown – Open Bikini
2022 Vancouver Island Showdown – 3rd Place Open Bikini
2022 Natural BC Cup – 1st Place Open Bikini
2023 BC Cup Naturals – 2nd Place Open Bikini

Favourite Quote:

“Success is the product of daily habits.” – James Clear

Interests and Hobbies:

I try to live life presently and vibrantly, that is always what I pull my intention back to. I try to play as much as life allows, whether it’s swimming with the kids or just in a simple moment. I love to be in the kitchen and create. Being near water makes my heart happy, so I try to get to the lake as much as possible in the summer. The river trail in Kamloops is also a favourite to get to be close to a stunning waterfront view and nature. Right now I’m in my Reading Girl era and love a good fantasy series.

Favourite Music Artists, TV Shows, Movies:

Dolly Parton
Top 40

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