Certified Personal Trainer


I fell in love with movement at the age of 3 when I started competitive dancing. For 13 years, I practically lived at the studio, spending most of my waking hours training in numerous dance styles. I quit dance at 16, feeling lost without that discipline and healthy outlet. After high school, during a challenging time when my father fell ill, I joined a local gym. I taught myself resistance training through instructional videos on YouTube and various Instagram trainers I followed. The gym became my escape and significantly helped my mental health. I soon fell in love with the discipline that strength training reintroduced into my life and became obsessed with the principles of bodybuilding. As my strength and confidence grew in the gym, it carried over into other areas of my life. I could not only cope with my family’s situation but also proved to myself that I could overcome challenges. The gym became a tool for me to transform myself physically and mentally.

Initially, my goal was to be smaller, and I was strongly attached to the number on the scale. After years of spinning my wheels with that mindset, I worked through those barriers and began training to become strong. That’s when I saw the most progress, both in my physique and mindset. Watching my strength increase and muscle development became a badge of honour. I had aspired to compete as a bikini competitor for many years before fully committing to it. One thing was certain – fitness, the gym, and self-care transformed me. I wouldn’t have been able to face life’s adversities without the confidence and self-discipline that this lifestyle has given me. It taught me that showing up for myself in small daily habits compounded into something much more significant.

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is founded on the principles of self-discipline, sustainability, and delayed gratification. By instilling these concepts in my clients throughout their journey, they cultivate a deep sense of self-love. Showing up for oneself through small daily habits is a powerful demonstration of the ability to achieve anything one sets their mind to. I am deeply passionate about transforming lives from a holistic perspective, focusing on education, building sustainable habits, and strengthening mindset. I believe that living a balanced lifestyle is essential for longevity, and prioritizing health does not have to be an all-or-nothing approach. In collaboration with my clients, I ensure we are developing a sustainable lifestyle that they are excited and happy to live.

Who I Work Best With:

I love working with clients who are eager to transform their lives, not just from a physique standpoint but also in improving their overall mental well-being. I am passionate about helping clients detach their self-worth from the scale, showing them the beauty and power in strength. When we learn to build ourselves up, train to get strong, and eat to fuel our bodies, that’s when the real transformation happens. Additionally, having personally navigated the challenges of autoimmune issues, I feel uniquely confident in my ability to guide clients through similar journeys. This experience has deepened my commitment to holistic health and well-being, ensuring that I can support you not just physically, but in every aspect of your wellness journey. I am also dedicated to coaching bikini athletes, assisting them in bringing their best package to the stage and supporting them during their off-seasons.

Fitness Achievements:

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, also certified as a Pain-Free Performance Specialist and Pre-Script Level 1 Coach. I achieved placements in all three categories in my first bodybuilding competition in May 2021. I take great pride in having left my stable corporate job to pursue coaching full-time, and I am now living a life that I love! My health and fitness journey over the last 8 years has given me the confidence to bet on myself. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to support, educate, and guide my clients towards achieving their goals.

2022 Natural BC Cup – 2nd Place Open Bikini

Favourite Quote:

“Self-discipline is the highest form of self-love.”

Interests and Hobbies:

My hobbies include immersing myself in a good fantasy book, enjoying various types of EDM music, going for hikes, and dancing at music festivals with my friends. My love for dancing and music has been a constant joy since my childhood. Both provide me with immense happiness and a sense of escape. I also have a passion for travel and am looking forward to exploring more of the world in the upcoming year.

Favourite Music Artists, TV Shows, Movies:

My favourite music is EDM, but I also love Dermot Kennedy. My top EDM artists are ILLENIUM, Rufus Du Sol, Dom Dolla, and Kaskade. My favourite TV shows are Ozark, Narcos, and Breaking Bad.
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